How to Stop Christmas Being A Diabetics Nightmare #Blogmas 2018

If you are trying to avoid sugar filled foods than on first glance December may be seen as a nightmare. It is everywhere from the food adverts that are seen on the tv to the shops. Ok refined sugar appears all year round but sweet sugary infused foods have a way of really standing out during Christmas. Cakes, trifles, mince pies and flavoured popcorn appear to be part of the spread you will find these days.

How to Stop Christmas Being A Diabetics Nightmare

This year I have decided to make a real conscious effort in what I put in my body. My annual results have come in and I have halved my levels but I know that I shouldn't turn to sugar to celebrate this. So this year when it comes to Christmas I will be looking for the healthy alternatives and researching various recipes that I can swap to.

Here are just a few recipes that have me wondering whether I could recreate them and questioning whether they would taste better than what I'm used to

Deliciously Ella's Mince Pies

Alternatively you could try creating the mince pies featured on the Diabetes UK website here

Deliciously Ella's Christmas Crumble

Deliciously Ella's Gingerbread Men

So there they are a few alternatives to the traditional favourites out there. I'm sure there are more to try out and that's where I'd like your help.

Have you ever created sugar free treats around Christmas time? How did they turn out? Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Christmas is so sugar-filled - thanks for the ideas! I'm trying to get some sugar-free treats to find a balance! x

  2. I never actually thought about changing up some of the treats, what a great idea! I'll have to do some of these recipes.


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