Christmas Gift Ideas #Blogmas 2018

When it comes to gift giving it can be a challenge sometimes to know what to give people. My husband and my father are particularly difficult to buy for as is my youngest daughter who gets to share in the things that her older sister enjoys.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Thats why I keep in mind 4 gifts of Christmas. Yes I'm talking something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.

Something You Want

Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to my youngest daughter she gravitates to dolls. As soon as she gets into the preschool she picks up the dolls and carries them around with her. I've even seen one girl head towards her and give a doll to her. Yes she is that obsessed. There are so many dolls out there that it really does come down to personal taste. Do you want them to have a doll that imitates bodily functions or makes noises? Will they be put in a bath or not? I decided to go with one that was similar to one I had
myself as a child and opens and shuts it's eyes depending on how it's tilted. The doll even has a similar name to my daughter. Hopefully this Lala (her name for dolls) will please her.

Something You Need

Christmas Gift Ideas

Talking of passions hobbies are high up there. Many of us have a hobby that we particularly enjoy but some of these are so specific that if your loved ones don't follow the same passion for it then it can be difficult to know what one thing they need. Perhaps it's a certain character within a game that is needed to make things easier or a particular piece that would complete the collection. In contrast some hobbies like golf are easier to buy for. The golfers are always losing balls right?

Something to Wear

Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether you are snuggled up with your loved ones or out on a country walk. Then a pair of soft warm comfortable socks is a must. There are certainly a pair of socks with designs on to suit everyone. I've treated myself to a lovely pair and I think it may be the starts of a tradition in this family.

Something to Read

Christmas Gift Ideas

When the cold wet weather has you battening down the hatches and stuck inside. Then you may find yourself turning to a good book to read. We often read books in this family. Ok it's mainly me and hubby reading to the girls but I'm sure one day they will be reading to us. So what better to add to a Christmas gift guide but books that people are passionate about. Whether they like space, have a passion for fashion, enjoy militaria or have a favourite character or author there's something for
everyone out there. Find more than one book this Christmas they'll like and you could create a book advent. 

So there we have it the 4 gift ideas of Christmas help me decide what to get my loved ones. Of course I deviate from it in places but it acts as a great basis for my gift buying. 

How do you decide on what to buy people?

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  1. Lovely suggestions. I think I am almost done with my present shopping thankfully. I do love a cosy pair of socks!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Have a lovely weekend. x


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