Our Halloween Busy Kit

Whether your half term fell last week or this week and covers Halloween. One thing is for sure you'll want to keep the kids entertained. Our half term fell last week and over the course of that week and during the afternoons this week the products within this kit have been put into use. 
Our Halloween Busy Kit

Following on from the girls summer car kits I decided to put together a kit for Halloween. I wasn't sure at first when I should give the girls the kit but it made sense to use it during half term and in the run up to Halloween.

Halloween Activity Books

 So what did my girls discover in the kit? Halloween themed activity books picked up from the shelves of supermarkets for a smidgen of the price that they would be brand new in other shops. I decided to pick up an Usborne sticker book from one and a Peppa Pig one from another. I also have to hand a Peppa Pig colouring book that was picked up last year in Poundland and has barely been touched.

Halloween DVD's 

Depending on where you are headed over the half term a couple of dvds may be the ticket to giving you 5 minutes peace from the kids while you catch up with loved ones. We've still yet to watch these dvds and if we don't get around to them this year we can always watch them next year when the girls are older. 

Other Ingredients 

I also threw into the mix some torches from Poundland which the girls had great fun with shining them on the walls and trying to capture the element that appeared. They proved so popular with them that I decided to take them with us to Roves Farm too. Balloons from Home Bargains also made it into the kit as did stickersan suncatchers from Hobbycraft. These have yet to be played with though. I'd heard that window clings also prove popular with kids too so found some at Tesco that the kids
loved feeling but I felt it was rather like touching jelly.I also managed to squeeze in pipe cleaners, rubber stamps and gold stars. These too have yet to be used.

The star of the show by far was possibly all the activities I downloaded from the internet. These preschool activities came from 3 Dinosaurs, Over the Big Moon and Tot Schooling. These free to download printables kept eldest entertained for hours.

Do you think kits like this are a good idea? Have you put together one of your own or perhaps you've created a Halloween hamper. Do let us know in the comments below. We love reading them.


  1. This is such a fantastic idea for keeping children entertained over a school holiday. The owl sun catcher is a great idea for this time of year :)



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