This month has felt like the end of a chapter for us as a family for next month sees the release of my daughters into preschool. I'm hoping this will be a joyful experience for all and the girls will blossom as they get to socialise and learn more about the world around them.


My eldest in particular has been incredibly excited about starting school and talks about it nearly every day. She had thought they would be going with me but I explained that she will be going with her sister and they will be looking after one another. 

A Day Out in Dursley 


Anyway back to this month that is fast coming to a close and it's been a month of ups and downs. The downs being that I got a cold from my eldest as did the youngest and we struggled with it a while over the month. On the flip side though we have got out and about and journeyed over to the Cotswolds where we enjoyed a great day out with people I've known nearly all my life. We've also spotted a few more hares in this beautiful part of the UK.

The Porch 

While we were away in the Cotswolds the porch really took on a new look and I am really blessed and thankful to my wonderful father who has done a grand job on making our house more of a home. I've now fallen down the rabbit hole of Pinterest yet again as I come to deciding on how I'd like the area to look. 

Making Busy Kits


In order to keep the girls entertained on the journeys over the summer I have taken to making busy kits. These I have enjoyed creating with a theme in mind. The most recent one I have currently sat in the car ready to play with and a surprise for my eldest. The one we used for the journey over to the Cotswolds was the princess one. These need a little preparation in putting together but I enjoy the end result which is seeing one content happy daughter.

My Organised Stationery Station


Keeping organised is an on going task in this house. My mini whirlwinds seem to forever be turning the house upside down but I've felt proud of myself when I feel I have got on top of things if only for a little while. I've recently organised the canvas bins yet again so that the girls have one on maths with all their games in and the other featuring their alphabet. Everyone can access these easily which is great and eldest has memorised the alphabet via Mr Tumble's phonics song available on Youtube and her games.

Co-hosting Country kids

Finally I have been handed over the reins of Country Kids alongside my fellow co-hosts Louise and Lucy. All of us love the great outdoors and are passionate about our children experiencing life away from the screens that have become so dominant in the lives of all of us today. So if you fancy joining us with your experiences of the great outdoors we'd love to hear from you.

How has the month of August been for you. Are you wishing the kids back to school already or desperately clinging hold of them?

A Cornish Mum


  1. Oh I am so with you on the Pinterest thing, I lose hours of my day on there. It is just full of so many amazing things that I never would have thought of on my own!

    Thanks for joining in with #LikeandLoved again!

    Stevie x

  2. Sounds like a lovely month, how nice of your dad doing your porch x

  3. It sounds like you had a great month. I hope you're all feeling better now and the girls have settled into preschool. #LikedandLoved

  4. Oh I love Country Kids - so lovely that you're taking it on too. It sounds like you've had a really lovely, productive month x


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