Best Foot Forward - I Get By With a Little Help From My Babies

Kate from Kate On Thin Ice recently invited me to join in with her linky Best Foot Forward. This week she has written a number of questions that have had me reflecting. So here we go her questions and my answers. 

Best Foot Forward - I Get By With a Little Help From My Babies

1. How can you stop imagining the future will be rubbish?

"Que sera, sera,Whatever will be, will be; The future's not ours to see. Que sera, sera,
What will be, will be."

Nobody has a crystal ball in this family and even if we did would it tell us what we'd like to hear?

So we live in the moment trying to enjoy our time together as much as we can and feeling blessed we have got to experience so many things. From those tentative first steps as a child as they notice everybody else is walking and question why are they not to the child excitedly questioning when they are going to school after visiting a few times. Just a couple of memories to mention made together alongside our geocaching adventures and more. 

2. Do you fancy visualizing good stuff?

Best Foot Forward - I Get By With a Little Help From My Babies

 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' by Monty Python:

Of course as a parent you want the best for your children and thus you aim to visualise good stuff for them. So that's why I have chosen to supplement my girls preschool learning with learning at home. My daughters are well acquainted with our place to learn and play  complete with toys and activities and will get out want they want and can play with. They are independent learners able to do a lot for themselves with just a little guidance from me. My eldest loves a workbook and educational game so we have enjoyed doing these together as well as the alphabet challenge.  Always following their lead and their interests and occasionally I come up with something new they hadn;t thought about.

3. When were you last in a sticky situation? How did you get out of it and what can you learn from that?

 “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery”

We came away from our toddler group due to the fact that my daughter had had her hand trodden on, been taken off the toilet and been bitten.  These didn't happen all at once but  over time. We felt that there was nobody we could turn to and gained very little by attending. Coming away from the group was the very best situation for us all and not once have my daughters asked to return. 

I've learnt to trust my own judgement and to question what am I and my loved ones gaining from a situation? If there's no benefit then seek out an alternative. Quite often the answer lies within us. It is our job to listen to the mind and heart and take action. Writing it out can help.

4. What information do you need to gain in order to move forwards positively?

Best Foot Forward - I Get By With a Little Help From My Babies

In order to move forward positively we sought solutions like alternative groups but found them hard to attend. So we were thrilled when the alphabet challenge arose and this felt like it was the perfect alternative for us. We had each other for company and we were learning through play. 

5. Who are the potential heroes that can help you right now?

In doing this challenge I've fallen into watching lots of homeschooling/preschool/tot school videos on Youtube. Who in turn have become like heroes of our learning journey. Fellow mothers like myself who care about their children and want the best for them. They are full of knowledge and enthusiasm. 

6. What are you hoping for?

I am hoping for fulfilled tots who have a wonderful childhood and a bright future ahead of them.

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  1. This sounds like such a good linkup - very positive and makes me think about how I view things. Looking on the bright side more is something I need to try to do. #MMBC

  2. Lovely to hear about your journey and I hope you manage to get your little one in a place that is better for her. Thanks for joining in with #BestBootForward

  3. Thanks for tackling the questions and joining in with #BestBootForward. My overwhelming feeling was how confident you sound and how I admire that so much as I wobble a lot on our home education journey. You sound so calm and I am sure that is a great life lesson for your little ones

  4. Learning to trust your instincts is one of the biggest parenting challenges when every thought and action weighs up so many different things. Putting our children first is always the right course of action and group situations need to fulfill your needs as well as the girls so I'm glad you're finding better alternatives for the time you spend together #keepingitreal

  5. Those are tough questions and can cause lots of thinking. #keepingitreal

  6. This is a great post, you sound like you will do the best for you and your children. I love your quotes, such great questions too.

  7. What thought provoking questions and such lovely quotes and answers. I think you made the right decision to leave the toddler group, I would have in a heartbeat!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

  8. Hi Helena,I love your positivity. It's all too easy to dig a hole for ourselves with negative thoughts. This life comes with no guarentees, but how we approach things rubs off on our children. I have a feeling that you do have two fulfilled tots who have a wonderful childhood and a bright future ahead of them.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal



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