Interview with Gitte Winter Graugaard Author of Children's Meditations In My Heart

As a child I loved reading before bed and have continued to do so into adulthood. I also make time for my girls and read them the odd book (often more) before they fall asleep. A while ago we were sent the book Children's Meditations In My Heart and I was lucky enough to interview the author behind the book.  
Interview with Gitte Winter Graugaard Author of Children's Meditations In My Heart

Hi for those who don't know you, could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi. My name is Gitte Winter. I am a Danish writer, life coach and mentor on a mission to help parents help their children to thrive through child meditation. My books help parents become aware of their energy and what they radiate and it has a great impact on their way of parenting. I am also the founder of Momo Academy, a platform recently built to help Danish schools offer mindfulness, yoga and meditation to the pupils as part of their education.

Privately, I just turned 40, live 30 kilometers north of Copenhagen with my husband and two girls at the age of 9 and 11. We love to go abroad to go hiking, skiing and just travelling. And I of course love to read, draw and make creative stuff.

What inspired you to write this lovely little book? 

In 2013 I had just ghostwritten a book on students with stress. The high statistics of children and adolescents with stress in Denmark – a seemingly happy nation - came as a shock to me. At that time my daughters were 3 and 6 and I started reflecting on what they would need aide from all the love and care in the world - to be able to deal with - and thrive in a rather stressful childhood brought on by growing up in The Digital Age. Meditation and mindfulness were great tools to calm my mind. So I arranged to have a mindfulness instructor come to my oldest daughter’s school and started sharing meditations I loved with my daughters in a more child-friendly tone and storyline. And they completely loved it.

Interview with Gitte Winter Graugaard Author of Children's Meditations In My Heart

Did anything happen in your life that led to embracing self love?

I have been very lucky with the way I have been brought up. My parents were very loving and I have had a wonderful childhood. I didn’t understand the power that comes from a childhood like mine until I started my education in coaching, healing, and mindfulness and found that a childhood like mine is rather rare these days. Everybody in these classes were saying how they had had to break down to rebuild and truly understand the power of self-love. That made me wonder. Because I had never lost the feeling and I had never doubted my love for me and the people I had in my life. So along the way I came to realize that I had to share from my perspective, because it is so full of light. And I like to write to children to remind them of all that they are, before society begins to take their inner wisdom away from them.

Where do you like to write?

I often go to my parent’s summer house on the tip of Jutland in Skagen. It is a tiny, yellow house from 1887 rebuilt and modernised. It sits nearly on the beach and it is the most peaceful place I can go to write. The city is surrounded by two big oceans and is so full of energy. In fact I  am going in a week to write on a meditation book for children with anxiety and I know I am going to have the best of times. Skagen is home to me. My soul loves to come there and I can feel and connect to my roots in a very grounding yet uplifting spiritual way that helps my writing. Most of my family lives there, and until very recently my grandmothers would share a meal with me when I was on my writer’s retreats. Now I can connect to them on the beach and they can still advise me. 

What is your personal favourite meditation?

Heart meditation is my personal favourite. Opening up to the heart. Taking in light and colour and feel the essence of the soul. Always make me uplifted and happy. One of my mentors Sussanne Wexoe shares beautiful meditations in Danish that I love to listen to and I also like the app 10% Happier:

Where can we connect with you (social media)?

Twitter: @roomfreflection
Facebook: @roomforreflectionint
Instagram: @roomforreflection

To see more about the book, The Children’s Meditations In my Heart please go to Room for Reflection

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  1. I've never heard of this book before but it does sound very sweet. Thanks so much for sharing with #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again on Tuesday.

  2. What a fantastic idea and really useful for kids X


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