How to Feel Better While Facing Type 2 Diabetes

We all strive to feel at our best whether that's in our family or work life. However, when you are faced with a condition it can be extra challenging and sometimes you may not always feel in total control. Having Type 2 Diabetes there is no meal plan that can be offered up so you can stay in control of things just the saying 'all in moderation'. However, if you are a fan of the sweet stuff it can be easy to go over the limit and see yourself heading straight for a headache or worse. This week I had one of the worst headaches I have ever had feeling on the brink of being sick. So I thought I'd write my feelings out after all a problem shared is a problem halved right?

How to Feel Better While Facing Type 2 Diabetes

I've never been much of a cook I'll admit but going to the cupboard and finding yet another can of beans or opening the fridge only to find the same things you've used in your meals for weeks on end this fussy eater thinks it's time for a change.

And therein lies a problem that I'm not afraid to call myself a fussy eater. Fussy because I am very picky as to the things I like to eat and put in my body. Fussy because I don't like to eat salad in particular tomatoes that make me feel sick and mayonnaise or other sauces just don't agree with me either.

Why is it that the things we like to eat aren't necessarily what's good for our health?! 

So while I'm contemplating what I'm going to eat for my meal my stomach rumbles and I'm heading for a biscuit or two or three -perhaps the whole packet! Not good for my condition. As my sugar levels hit a high and I'm heading for a migraine that feels like my head is full of cotton wool trying to break free from my head. While the babies cry makes me feel on edge. Their cries naturally on a level where my brain cells react. 

 You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god's sake! - Iris in The Holiday

Headaches have been something that I've been experiencing on and off this year. I hate it and I feel like I'm struggling. I've contemplated life without processed sugars and as I go to try something I like is brought into the house and remains  in situ till it's eaten. Therefore testing my will power to refrain from eating it. 


Today I tried something and challenged myself not to eat any biscuits or cakes and felt better for it. 
I'm not sure whether refusing all sweet treats forever more is the answer. However, if you feel better shouldn't you keep going? 

Here are other ways in which you may feel better.

  • Talk about how you are feeling whether that is just to your family and friends or also to the professionals such as doctors
  • Try to lose weight - buddy up or join a programme - try out different sports and see what is right for you. 
  • Watch what you eat by keeping a food diary or/and regulating portion size
  • Regulate what comes into the house. Easier said than done as someone else does the main food shopping in our home and they know what sweet treats I like.
Writing this I feel there are things I already do as well as those I may need to put in to action. If you think you can add to this please let me know.

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  1. This is really informative and so much to think about X #wotw

  2. I'm a fellow type 2 diabetic so can sympathise, it's hard not to crave sugar and sweet things when your body thinks it's being starved of them not being able to process them properly. My medication does help but I've got a long way to go in regards to food. I've been suffering with migraines the last 12 months usually around my period so not sure if it's connected to the diabetes or not. I hope you get some relief from the headaches soon x

  3. I do think stopping and thinking about it, and writing it out as you have done here, enables you to see things more clearly. Sounds like you've already made a few changes for the better and spotted more to make. Hope they continue to go well for you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. I think talking about these things always helps - especially as other people sometimes suggest things that might be useful. Keeping a food diary is also a good idea for trying to cut down on sweet treats.I'm sorry to hear that you've had a really bad headache this week. Hope you are now feeling much better. #WotW

  5. my little boy is a type 1 and i know how awful those high blood sugars can make you feel. he gets dizzy and is horrid to watch him suffer, until his insluin kicks in. we recently started to calorie count and it is amazing how many calories are in portions of food. We have to carb count for insluin does so it was not all new. BBC Good food have lots of excellent ideas for food and snacks of various calorie counts and keep going you will feel so much better #Blogstravaganza

  6. I've found that the longer I go without sweet things the less I feel I need them. I used to scoff a packet of biscuits on a whim, but now I might take one and feel that's enough because it's so sickly sweet. I'm pretty sure sugar is an addiction. You're definitely right with your tips, I find talking about it hard, but I do try to regulate what comes in the house, if it's not there you can't eat it! Also, i find it helpful keeping a food diary, it's amazing how much you forget you've eaten. Fingers crossed you can keep your headaches at bay x

  7. I was borderline for gestational diabetes and loved peanut butter on crackers when I needed a snack. Also, courgette cake is delicious and low sugar and raw brownie balls are refined sugar free and kept my readings low. Good luck! #thesatsesh

  8. I think talking about your situation and starting to eat better are so important. It's not an easy road but there's so much help out there! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  9. Sitting down and writing about things is always a good idea - therapeutic in a way. Not only that, but great that you're sharing a part of your journey with others who may be in the same situation. #WotW

  10. Oh it must be really tough to manage a condition like this especially when most people, when they're feeling low, opt for sweet treats to cheer them up. I'm glad that writing about it made you feel better and I hope you find some solutions #blogcrush

  11. #thesatsesh ooo my mum just found out today they but controlling her diet she has been able to come off of the medication for diabetes! totes proud daughter x


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