Taking Down the Christmas Decorations

I find this time of year quite sad really. The cold lingers in the air and nips at your extremities if you  dare to go out and the Christmas decorations are taken down making the place look rather bare. It's also my birthday month and I'm not sure whether it's a reason to celebrate or freak out at the acknowledgement of getting one year older! 

Over Christmas my little monkeys decided that the decorations would be moved about and the tree even fell over thanks to my youngest. I lost count of how many times it happened on one particular day! I did contemplate whether it would be better looking hung upside down like an icicle out of the reach of little hands - the latest trend I understand. However,  the decor would have had to be glued into place right?!. 

So over the course of Christmas it had several changes and as New Year called I'm sure the tree looked rather different to how it started out. As decorations came off by little hands they were put away. There were a few casualties but on the whole most survived. 

I have designated a few areas of the house to our decor. A place high up in the kitchen for things like the table cloth, runner and plates. Then under our bed we have our trees. We have two trees and during Christmas I might have gone a little crazy and put one up in our master bedroom. Then there's our wardrobe which looks more like a walk in to a Christmas grotto now then a wardrobe. I may have to rethink this and they may end up under the stairs. 

Do you keep your decorations up till the 6th January? Do you keep the shop bought packaging to put the decor in after Christmas? As always I'd love to hear from you so do leave a message under my post. Thank you xx

The Reading Residence


  1. Yes we still have our tree up and taking it down tomorrow. That my hubby prefers, I personally find it a bit suffocating. But then I have my wish to get the festive decorations up early in December, so all about compromise :) x #WOTW

  2. We took ours down on New Years Day, and usually do so then. I feel ready for a clean start then and like to get everything tidied away. It does look a little bare then, and so much bigger! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. We took our decorations down on the 6th January....well, most of them. We had two small miniature Christmas trees this year. They are both still on window sills in our home (minus their decorations)...I just love the smell so much. My excuse is that I'm thinking of where to put them in the garden, and they might just need to stay indoors until it gets a little warmer 😊 #MMBC

  4. Our tree normally comes down on 5th January although this year it came down on Boxing Day as we were going into hospital the next day. We use storage boxes for the decorations and a clothes bag for the tree which keeps it all together quite nicely. Glad to hear that most of your decorations survived curious little fingers. #WotW

  5. I like to take the tree and all the decorations down a few days after Christmas. I much prefer to start the new year with a fresh clean house. This year was the first one where nobody touched the tree or broke a decoration as well, usually something doesn't survive. #WotW


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