Learning to Swim With Puddle Ducks

We all know that children thrive on routine but sometimes something comes along and you think if you were to change up the routine of your little ones just this once then they would definitely benefit from it. We were put in this position some weeks ago now when we were invited to learn to swim with Puddle Ducks and I couldn't resist the opportunity.

Learning to swim is a great skill to have in your repertoire and one that could potentially save a life. On our adventures as a family we sometimes come across stretches of water such as the Thames and heading to Lake Windermere earlier this year highlighted to me how dangerous a game of skimming stones can be if you over step your mark!. Little ones are the greatest of copy cats and they don't see dangerous situations like we adults do.

Over the course of four weeks my little ones took to the water with the greatest of ease and grew in confidence. Being in the moment with them gave me some lovely memories. For example, youngest got so confident that instead of crawling down the mat she walked down it as if she were on a cat walk. Whereas my eldest and I were surprised to find we were the only ones at one class so she had a lesson focused completely on her ability to swim. She raced her instructor up and down the pool on a swimming aid pretending to be on sea horses.

Routine was also built in to the lessons as each time we started a lesson we sat on the side with our little ones before they slid in to join us. We exited the water in the same way that we got in. There were many fun rhymes reworded slightly to fit in with learning to swim and some of the activities were repeated each time such as the balls and rubber ducks being released. The instructors were fantastic, encouraging and fun to be around. If we had questions they were happy to answer them and they really got to know the children well not putting them under water should they be upset for any reason. They even provided a travel cot to put one of the girls in while the other swam. The youngest being first often drifted off to sleep while her eldest had her lesson.

Of course there were challenges during these four weeks such as getting there as we only have one car and my hubby works shifts. Then eldest decided to lock herself in the changing room, baby would escape the changing room by going underneath the doors and eldest is at the age that she just wants to run everywhere including around the pool!

However, overall this has been one experience that all three of us have thoroughly enjoyed and I will never forget eldest turning to me in the car at the end of one lesson and saying how much she liked swimming. I love swimming too especially with my girls.

Do you take your little ones swimming and have you considered Puddle Ducks lessons?

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted four swimming lessons for each of the girls in return for a review

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  1. Such a vital skill for us all to have and pleased it was positive for you despite any challenges along the way. I need to get back to swimming as years since I went through dozy worries about what I look like. My late Dad paid for our children to have lessons

  2. I think swimming is one of the best skills you can teach a young child. Well done for getting out and in the water.

  3. Ahh! I have read a lot about Puddle Ducks and they sound like fantastic swimming lessons!
    It really sounds like you had a wonderful time x

  4. This reminded me of when my youngest was learning to swim, he was told to wear socks and then try to kick them off#mudpiefriday@_karendennis

  5. I've had both of my girls in the water swimming as soon as they were toddlers. I'm scared of water and didn't want my kids to be the same. Swimming is such an important thing to learn. #fortheloveofblog

  6. I've not heard of puddle ducks. Is it something available quite UK wide do you know? It sounds like this course was perfect for you, and I think instructors who can make classes really fun and engaging are definitely worth their weight in gold. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam x

  7. Swimming is a brilliant activity for little ones, plus it tires them out as well. We went to swimming lessons when my daughter was really tiny, in fact too young, and it’s something that I would consider doing again now. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


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