DIY Duck Glitter Wreath

With the festive season comes creative projects and my walks have taken a back seat. Having a condition (Type 2 Diabetes) that means you have to watch your sugar intake and you are more susceptible to colds is horrid. However, there's one thing that we can all indulge in free from calories and they don't have to be that difficult to do - that is creating our own decor. 

Craft Components

To Create These Homemade Christmas Stockings You Will Need:

  • Glitter Duck Tape
  • Wreath
  • Scissors

Now for the Fun Part

To make this simple decorative wreath you will need only two components duck tape and a wreath. I first wound the pink tape around the wreath. Then I went in with the silver glitter duck tape and wound sections of it around the wreath. Securing the tape at the back so it looks rather nice and neat. As you can see from the photos I had a foam wreath but I feel a polystyrene one would work much better. 

Once this is covered then it's time to create a bow. I put pink glitter tape on one side and silver on the other folding it into the middle from both sides. Run a piece of silver tape around the middle where the sides join. Then add the tails of the ribbon cutting them at the ends. Et voilĂ  a quick and easy wreath.

Sadly the tape started unraveling from the wreath over time so extra strong glue may be needed to secure it for longer.

Disclaimer: I was sent four Glitter Duck Tape Rolls for the purpose of doing this post. 

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  1. This is so cool, I didn't realise you could get glitter duck tape!! Lovely, simple idea :) #BlogCrush


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