Celebrate Christmas in Oxfordshire

There seems to be no escaping the announcement that Christmas is coming. My eldest has already pointed out the supermarket Christmas tree with all it's huge red baubles and I've fallen for many a decorative piece! This season is certainly a feast for all the senses. Rather than try escape it lets embrace it by finding a place we want to return to for years to come.  

Here in Oxfordshire there are numerous places in which to get in the festive spirit and enjoy everything merry and bright. These are just a few of them. 

Firstly who can resist seeing reindeer if you can't get to a reindeer ranch then why not head to Appleton Christmas Barn. We ventured there last year and saw these two reindeer taking it easy before the big night. 

Santa's Coming 

Also taking it easy well he's got numerous elves helping him out so he can take a little time out to visit the children is Santa. Santa will be in his indoor grotto at Fairytale Farm where there will also be Christmas activities and illuminations on display.  

You can also see the big man in red at Banbury Museum where you can also follow a trail around the museum. 

Grottoes aren't the only place you will find Santa this Christmas though. You will also find him on board Thomas the Tank Engine in Didcot and further afield. 

Bring Nature Indoors This Season

Ok while I don't advise bringing in the Robin this Christmas unless nursing them back to health. There are certainly a number of places which can help you create wreaths, bunting and more this festive season including Oxford Botanic Garden.

What event will you treat yourself to this Christmas?

Whatever you choose to do this month keep safe and have a great time. This post has in no way been sponsored by any of the above companies. I just love to research what's on for keeping the kids entertained.

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