Word of the Week: Excitement

This week I am linking up with Jocelyn Reading with her Word of the Week linky. My word of the week this time has to be excitement as I've had a few lovely things happen to me recently.


Firstly, I've been excited that the photo I took of my daughter while on holiday has been a favourite with Donna blogging at What the Redhead Said and Catie who writes Diary of an Imperfect Mum .

Blog Camp on Board

I have also been really excited to find out my name was on a guest list to attend my first official event this week on board the fantastic MSC Preziosa. You'd have thought I was anxious over an upcoming exam the amount of nerves I have experienced recently. While I've been excited to be going to the event I found myself scared too as I was driving myself there. Originally I had hoped that my hubby would drive me down and go geocaching for the day but he was unable to do so due to work commitments.

I woke up with a panic one night and the night before I fretted over how much sleep I was going to get. As I tossed and turned in the bed frustrated with myself that I'm not the kind of person who's head hits the pillow and drifts off to sleep instantly I must have some how got some sleep as the next thing to happen was the alarm sounding out it's raucous noise shattering the silence within the room. In the words of Susan Jeffers it was time to ...

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway - Susan Jeffers


Finally, today I had news that my blog post on Autumnal Activities had been favoured by the lovely Lucy who blogs at Lucy At Home.

So this week has been full of excitement and a roller coaster of emotions for me. How has it been for you?

The Reading Residence


  1. What an exciting week. I'm not surprised that both your photos of your eldest were picked up. They are gorgeous. What a fabulous venue for a blog event too. Enjoy! #wotw

  2. What an exciting week! Lots of excitement, well done for feeling the fear and doing it anyway x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. What a great week and very exciting indeed.
    I hope you had a fab time on the boat. It is such a great venue for a blog event x

  4. OMG that photo is just beautiful, I love it. And I hope you had an amazing time at blog camp it looked like fun x

  5. A very exciting week for you. Hope you had a wonderful time at BlogCamp - I would have loved to have gone on that. It looked like so much fun from all the posts I saw on social media too. #WotW


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