Word of the Week: Switch

A teacher once said to me ‘you know you are getting older when the weeks go past faster’ or something similar. Of course at the time I was not too sure of that sentiment but the older I get the quicker time seems to fly past. So fast indeed that it is rather scary and it all becomes quite a blur unless you write something down each day about it. Of course if you are anything like me you think yes next week I’ll write it down and then yes well you get to Friday then think what an earth did I do? I certainly didn't write it down like I tended to do – maybe the fish ate my homework.

The only thing that I seem to have managed to do apart from survive the week with my two gorgeous babies is attend a number of Twitter chats. I also managed to create a new header in paint. Switching the autumnal one I created to a much more fun one. Yes hubby I can’t remember how many hours I spent doing that when I should have been cleaning the house.

I also managed to get a back to the top button sorted. This reminds me of another teacher’s words. She described the scenario as its pitch black in the room and takes a certain teacher to help you find that switch and once you've found it your world is illuminated. That was certainly the case having tried with an old favourite how to sort this html which resulted in nothing then I tried with someone else’s instructions and eureka I cracked it - does the conga round the room.

So switch seems to be my word of the week, what’s yours?


  1. Oh, your teachers were so wise! Time is definitely flying and yes, it goes faster and faster the older you get. I like the header, well worth not doing the cleaning, I think! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. I am loving the header too! Very pretty! Hmmm my word of the week would have to be 'running' because I seem to have spent the past week running around like a mad woman. Hopefully this week will be calmer ;-) #weekendblogshare

  3. So what's wrong with sorting out a header instead of cleaning?! :) #wotw

  4. I am exactly the same, I have so many things I need to do I don't write them down and then they don't get done arghhh I really need to write lists. And blog admin is fatal once you start its like a huge black hole. Have a lovely week xxx


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