Siblings – October 2016

Today this quote from the much adored literary writer JM Barrie who wrote Peter Pan jumped out at me. ‘All children, except one, grow up’.  It’s a sad but true reminder of the fact that we do all grow up eventually.

The youngest on her play mat

My babies won’t be babies forever but I hope they stay just a little connected to what they love as little ones throughout their lives whether that be always having a love of reading, exploring the big wide world or something else.


At the beginning of the month, the eldest was just about able to fit into her 18-24 month clothes and today the 17th October she appears to have had somewhat of a growth spurt last night as her 12-18 month dresses fall above the knee! Ok she’s not at that age where we say you aren't going out dressed up like that! But I think this still calls for putting the 12-18 month clothes away right?

She knows how to take her nappy off and will even try to take her sisters off too. She can take off socks, shoes and un-popper pyjamas but she can’t put them on yet. We have had one success with the potty but she’s only 20 something months so I'm sure it will happen when it’s meant to all come together right?! For now it’s something to mainly laugh at and pretend we know what we are doing. I've been told pull ups are better for staying on – what are your experiences?

The youngest is 4 months old today. She is rapidly growing taller and may even catch the eldest up.  I stocked up on a few things for her over the weekend as this time last year the eldest was in 9-12 month clothes while her sister is in 3-6 clothes and potentially may even be in 6-9 come Christmas. I'm still undecided whether or not she needs a snow suit and in which size. What do you think?


With the autumnal/winter nights upon us we've noticed a change in the eldest’s bedtime routine. She is often up with the sun and singing, napping around midday and dozing off around 7pm.  The eldest is such a wriggler in bed that she’s been known to roll off! Fortunately she isn't far from the ground in her bed but it was a problem when she co-slept with us in France!

The youngest is still in somewhat of a pattern being woken or waking up herself, eating and soon falling back to sleep again.


I've been inspired by a British vlogger to create decent meal times with snacks in between. The plastic dishes with separate compartments are fantastic for considering foods from the different food groups to make up healthy meals or be it picnic lunch inspired. I'm lucky in that my eldest still loves the vegetables and fruit. She loves to run to the fridge and pick out a snack and if the door is closed she’ll find a chair to stand on pull it over to the door and open it!

She’ll also down any discarded bottles belonging to her sister. Oh and mummy’s cold tea and my flavoured water have somehow found their way to her tummy too! Up until now we've been relying on Daddy feeding and cooking us dinner but I think this may have to change.

Siblings on play mat in October


Despite having a lot of things to play with, the eldest is a great imitator and has learnt how to switch on Daddy’s laptop and take off the keys! The pushchair seems to live in the car so getting anywhere isn't easy. I must remember to take her to the park especially when the bigger rowdier kids of the village are in school. In the past I've taken baby in the sling and eldest has had free roam of the park. Fortunately we met up with a friend so she was wonderful in making sure that her daughter and mine didn't hurt themselves.

I'm told by people how intelligent she is and when I brought home a latches board within minutes of it appearing in our house she’d cracked all the locks.

The youngest loves to chat and get your attention. Although she’s not had much tummy time she has taken to it really well and is content to do it.

Well that’s it for my October Siblings post. How are your siblings getting along?


  1. Aw, that photo is so cute! My daughter's 21 months now and still thinks the potty is some sort of toy storage box (fisher price people in particular seem to end up in there...), but we have gone on to pull ups. Mostly just because they're so much easier to get on now she won't keep still! :) #candidcuddles

    1. Thank you. Little ones sure do know how to make us laugh with their antics.

  2. oh they are growing up perfectly, you seem to have sectioned up the post perfectly, love hearing about your little ones. Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures

  3. It's so great that your kiddies are healthy eaters! I like combining different healthy foods to form a meal for little ones too - like adding fruit with dinner. There are so many things you can do. Our babies do grow up too fast though! It's a blessing to watch each stage of their growth. Thanks so much for sharing your quote with us at #candidcuddles xx

    1. Hadn't thought to put fruit with dinner except as a pudding. Sadly they do its true.

  4. Aw it's so true that you blink and suddenly the kids have shot up! My 13 year old stepson is the same, and has suddenly become taller than his father hehe. Thank you for linking up to #dreamteam xx

    1. Scarily true. I wonder if my daughters will be tall.


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