My Monthly List - May

Oh April you really have thrown all types of weather at us from rain to thunder and snow!
  • Despite this we have been able to get out and take photos capturing our travels across the country. We've also taken a few of our daughter and captured her new found skill of walking. 
  • I know it was my intention to follow Susannah Conway's project but I didn't make it a priority in the end and only managed two photos. 
  • It was also my intention to visit a farm and although we've seen a few of them out on our travels. I really would like my daughter to have a closer connection. At 14 months though I don’t think she would be able to feed a lamb yet so maybe next year’s Spring. 
  • We managed to find a total of 121 geocaches over the course of the month. 
  • I thought I may learn a new skill during April but instead I learnt of a new place for frugal finds. 
So that was the results of the month of April. What do I want to achieve in May?
  • I really need to weigh my daughter. We have had a car seat waiting for her to go into since her birthday but she has to be the right weight before she goes into it. 
  • We have a Forest School I've been eagerly anticipating going to with my daughter in the area. It runs once a month and encourages little ones to bond with nature.
  • Books are always lovely things to read whatever your age and we have a Bear Start Book Club near to that I hope to get to with my little one and enjoy.
  • Being type 2 diabetic I am well aware that sugar is in a lot of food and drink.  I have made sugar swaps myself but also want my daughter to grow up fit and healthy so this month I’d like to grow in confidence with feeding her and not worry so much
  • I’d also like to organise the kitchen and living room better


  1. great monthly list of things to do. I grew up on a small holding and loved feeding all the animals. I take my 12 week old round to my parents little farm all the time in a carrier on me. The fresh air is making her grow like a weed I'm sure! Shes put on 1lb 10oz in a month! xx

    1. Thanks. That sure sounds like a dream to me.


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