Me and Mine: May 2016

For our Me and Mine shot hubby decided that we’d take the photo in our garden. The garden is hubby’s domain and his Granddad is teaching him how to tend it. Our daughter looks to be following in their footsteps and loves nothing better than getting outside when the sun is shining to be with them.

Mummy is Loving
  • Learning about blogging
  • Feeling baby moving
  • Nesting
  • Wandering around the Cotswolds

Daddy is Loving
  • Daddy and Daughter day at Fort Nelson
  • Taking Toddler to the Park
  • Getting outside in the garden

Toddler is Loving
  • Looking at books
  • Playing with her pop up plastic animals toy
  • Gardening with Daddy and Great Granddad

How has May treated you?

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  1. The time baby starts to kick is such an exciting time in the pregnancy, and such an emotional and life affirming one, too. I remember it being a great time to nest and feel positive about the next big step!
    Love the photo

    1. They are quite the wriggler taking after their big sister.


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