My Little Walking Wonder

How many of you are signed up to emails regarding the growth of your little ones? You know the ones that say this month your child will be doing x activity. I like to read what they have to say each month as their newsletter appears in my inbox. I've mentioned once or twice at classes that I've felt my daughter seems to be in line with what they are saying even though she was born a month earlier than expected. 

Eldest learning to walk in living room

The latest milestone has been to walk unaided. She has been cruising for a while and many people have come up to me and said she’ll be walking soon, but one by one as her peers have been taking their first steps she has taken her time and now is determined more than ever to walk whenever she can. 

Of course praise is a great encouragement to her and she looks out for it as she shows off around the room. Now the question 'when will she go from cruising to walking'?  has been replaced with 'how much praise should a toddler have?' And when will we have to go and purchase those all important first shoes?!



  1. Aww fantastic, well done your lovely girl and a good excuse for shoes too :) thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements


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