Happy Days # 3

Each day of the week I have been writing down something that has made me happy. This is what I wrote over the course of this week.

My Stationery

This week I am happy because: 

- The hospital staff are there to help me through my pregnancy
- My daughter has been so well behaved - she's watched the scans, heard from the doctors too and fallen asleep without a fuss while mummy had four vials of blood taken from her
- I've been able to meet up with other mums after the Easter break
- I've seen my daughter grow in independence and return to me when she needs a sleep
- My daughter shares my love of music and dancing (Perhaps recalling on when mummy went to Zumba Bump)
- I've been on a geocaching adventure in Bramley with my family
- Nature has prompted me to see it in all it's beauty (perfect for photo opportunities)
- I feel organised and surrounded by people and things that I love

What Katy Said


  1. Writing it down makes us even more aware of the joy in our life.

  2. Hi Helena, I hope all is going to plan with your pregnancy and it's fantastic that your daughter is behaving for you when it counts. They do grow up fast, but she'll be needing you for a while yet!

    Hope you have another happy week next week!


    1. So far so good except for a late night Sunday scare of a high blood result! On phoning the midwife she has put my mind to rest. I feel very lucky that I have a well behaved daughter.

  3. I love all the positivity in your post, it's great how little ones take these things in their stride. It makes it all so much easier! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. Thanks Sian. She's a constant joy and I'm loving every minute with her.

  4. I haven't been geocaching in aaaaages!! Really must look up some of our nearest. Sounds like a great week! Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. Oh you really should get out there and give it another go particularly as the sun is now putting in an appearance.


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