Me and Mine (March)

For our family March hailed the end of Winter as the sun finally came out and even though it remained very cold, it came as a very welcoming sight. It has led to us travelling further afield going on walks in the peaceful countryside and going abroad to Utrecht for the first time as a family of three and a half. 

With the change in seasons frugal fashion finds have been more available be it in clothes shops, supermarkets and charity shops. I volunteered at a couple of NCT sales and have been able to stock pile clothes for my daughter for next year.

Our daughter has been showing signs of walking for a while, but more recently has shown determination taking a few steps before wobbling and going into a crawl. She is determined to discover the toddler room at playgroup and took part in her first Easter egg hunt held after a church service. Ok so she had a little bit of help, but could definitely smell out the chocolate as both tin foil and egg nearly went inside her! We also celebrated Easter back at home with some frugal finds.

Of course March has also seen many a hospital visit as I continue to be monitored throughout my pregnancy and I'm pleased to say that all has been going well. My eyesight has been tested and announced to be normal and the baby measurements are good.

How has March been for you?

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