Word of the Week: Fretting

With Christmas firmly in many minds at this time of year thanks to the shops and adverts I find myself fretting!

What do you get the baby that has had everything over the year and what about family members especially the Grandparents and Great Grandparents!

I used to know exactly what to get everyone but this year that seems to have gone out the window.

Of course it really boils down to presence not presents at this time of year but I'm not sure how bouncing over to your folks and saying ‘I'm Here’ and not holding onto anything for them would go down that well.

So here are five things that I think may be the answer for children:

  1. An Activity Pack
  2. A Festive Book
  3. Cuddly Toy
  4. Favourite Fruit
  5. Chocolate (depending on how old the child is)
As for adults what do you suggest? Please leave answers to this dilemma below.

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You Baby Me Mummy


  1. Ah yes, it can be tricky. We're sorted this year, thankfully, so no more fretting here. Those are nice ideas, books are always a hit here! Thanks for sharing with #WotW


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