Time for Thame

Have you ever headed somewhere with only a vague idea of where you were headed? This was the case today as we set off for the Thame show where my daughter could see farm yard animals for the first time in her life.

We drove towards the town centre first but couldn't see proper signs indicating the location of the agricultural show so we stopped at a farm where we were soon pointed in the right direction. Two roundabouts later and we were driving down a dirt track to a big field filled with cars. I imagine over the weekend that this whole field will be packed but for now only half was covered in cars.

The last time I came to this area my little family was taking in geocaches and so it brought back memories for me. Sadly our pocket query had only taken in part of the series so we will return in the future to sign the remaining logs once we've found the caches.

Anyway back to the field where we were shown to our parking spot by a warden that informed us we should head straight ahead and we’d soon find the entrance. The first tent we came across featured people testing their dog’s agility by strutting about and leading them over small jumps. Then there were food tents with talks happening as chefs cooked and a chance to try your hand at making and baking bread. Of course there were a number of businesses present promoting their various wares from Fudge to Photography making up a good part of the show ground. 

Our favourite section though had to be seeing the animals and home grown creations. Wallace and Gromit would not look out of place at this event as there were huge garden vegetables that a Were Rabbit would have loved to get his paws on.  Beautiful flower arrangements had also been lovingly created and received various trophies. I liked the flower arrangements with the wood featured with them but alas the judges appeared to feel opposed to those creations. I also liked the mixed media section that had newly been introduced and the memory keeping pages reminded me of my albums that are yet to be finished.

Of course an agricultural farm wouldn't be that great if there weren't animals. These were numerous from dogs of all breeds being walked by their owners and working gun dogs had their own show. There was even a 3 legged dog that seemed to be very happy running around, while Beagles swarmed round their owners. Horses rode over jumps, numerous sheep chewed over the fact they had admirers and budgies and pigeons perched in cages. Finally, my daughter got to see cows and bulls up close alongside the farmers. I don’t know what she thought of all this but she did kick up a bit of a commotion as she left so maybe she was missing them already.    

Have you ever been to an agricultural show?
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  1. I've never been to anything like that, but we now live in an area that has one so maybe I'll give it a go. You've made it sound great fun

    1. If you don't go you'll never know whether you personally like them. My mum told me for ages she'd heard people had been talking about it and so one day she went. She's returned a few times now.

  2. This sounds great! I would love to go somewhere like this! #bigfatlinky


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