What’s in my changing bag?

I love my changing bag bought from an NCT sale while my little one grew in my tummy. There’s space for nappy bags at the bottom. Then there’s a compartment for me, where I put my pens, wallet, tissues and a top to change into. The front boasts another zip compartment and a changing mat that can be removed as it has velcro attached.

The middle has plenty of space for a set of clothes for baby and plenty of pockets for nappies, wet wipes and hand gel. There’s even a carabena for a dummy although a toy could be easily attached instead. Finally there’s room for a drink or two and a strap for the shoulder.


Of course with so many compartments it is handy to also have a list of the items you want to store in it. That way you can stay organised and keep the bag filled up. This will no doubt change as your little one grows.