Roll Up, Roll Up, see the Magnificent Mummy Spinning Plates

I'm standing up (just about) trying to keep the plates spinning while the crowd cheer me on.

That’s how I am currently feeling as I learn the ropes as to what parenting for the first time is like. My partner is working hard while I try to entertain our little one and persist time and time again to get her to sleep.

Third time lucky and she caves in asleep in her cot she seems to sleep for a long time. As if there’s a sleep bank I’m not aware of where you put your naps in instead of money then cause mummy to worry as you sleep for a couple of hours.

While she’s asleep I try to sneak in the house chores that I’ve decided to write down so as to remember what it is I’m supposed to be doing. Careful not to wake up sleeping beauty who sometimes sleeps through noise (she’s slept through fellow babies crying before). While at other times the slightest rustle awakens her so that her eye lids open and you are trapped like a rabbit in headlights!

If I’m not a rabbit perhaps I’m a hamster on a wheel going round and round repetitively as the cycle continues.