From Breast/Bottle to Fully Weaned

Just as you are getting used to formula feeding along comes weaning! Now if you are like me you will arm yourself with literature of all kinds and then slowly rock as the onset of overwhelm consumes you. Take a step back and realise you can do this.

Here are four places where you will find information to make the transition from breast/bottle to fully weaned just that little bit easier.

  • First get hold of a weaning plan such as the fantastic colourful road map for weaning Ella’s Kitchen has created. 
  • Alternatively, Hipp also do a great weaning chart that is simple to follow.
  • While, Netmums has a weaning meal planner and plenty of recipes to tantalise the tiny taste buds.
As you can see from the above, I feel that meal planners can be very helpful in the transition.

If you are a parent who has successfully made the transition with your little one I'd love to hear your thoughts. Let me know your tips and tricks in the comment box below.