5 Things to do in Your Local Area

As a new mum it is lovely to get out and about and meet other mums. I know that once I got home and felt comfortable I wanted to get out and about and try out new things. My top 5 things to do in the area are :

  1. Attending our local children's centre: I have loved attending various courses at our local children's centre including Baby Circle, Baby Bliss, Baby Bundle and even a First Aid course during the last 6 months. These are very popular as they are run for next to nothing but are a great way to meet people while bonding with your little one. 
  2.  Didcot Baby Mondays – So far I have only attended a couple of these but enjoy hearing topics around babies, while meeting other mothers with their babies. 
  3. Making time for rhyme time at the library: By far this is a favourite in this house as our little one enjoys the nursery rhymes that are sung there and hand puppets and musical instruments add to the fun. 
  4. Sling library: Slings are like cheese in that there are so many of them! To stay in the know of what is out there and available a great place to visit is the sling library. These are held all over the country in village halls and even people’s homes. You can try them out and rent them for a fee. 
  5. Look out for family events in parks: Finally with summer fun look out for picnics in the park run by various local charities.
What are your favourite things to do when out and about with baby?