Who doesn't like a bargain?

Who doesn't like a bargain? I know I like to spend wisely and on hearing that little ones grow up sooo quickly many new clothes are barely touched before a new wardrobe is sought for them.

For many mums the NCT sales are a great way of recouping some of that money they originally spent.

While thrifty mums head to the sales so they don't need to spend full price on each of the items going into their child's wardrobe.

Of course it's not just clothes that are present at these sales. There are many more things that can be bought there from pushchairs and feeding equipment to cloth nappies and toys all under one roof.

In my home county these fantastic sales take place every Spring and Autumn and are just the ticket to see our young sprogs through the year.

So last Autumn that's exactly where I headed with baby bump. I didn't just buy at that event though, I threw myself into volunteering meaning I was able to get in for free, shop earlier and help out a good cause.