The Versatile Blogger Award

Earlier this month I was nominated by the lovely Morgan of Morgan’s Milieu for the Versatile Blogger Award

Morgan nominated me because in her words:

Helena has become a wonderful friend over the last few months, we talk (via twitter) regularly and she is so supportive. She writes about all sorts of things on her blog and her recent post about body image had me nodding along and shouting "Amen sister!".

Thank you Morgan for your kind words about me.  

Seven facts about me:
  1. I undertook a module entitled Body Consciousness and the Media while at university and found it incredibly interesting.
  2. I once tried dyeing my hair mahogany and discovered I was allergic to the hair dye!
  3. I was once part of a singing group that sang in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber at Newbury Race Course
  4. Some of my fingers are double jointed
  5. As a child I learnt ballet and have since gone on to try a variety of different dance styles
  6. I was in the first year to do AS and A2 level exams. 
  7. I've been hypnotised.  


I'd like to invite the following five people to participate.
  1. Sarah - Extraordinary Chaos - I'm pretty sure that she could photo anything and reflect the beauty in it 

  2. Laura - Five Little Doves - For her incredibly honest, heartfelt posts that have the ability to move people emotionally 
  3. Mackenzie - Reflections From Me - Despite her being on the opposite side of the world I feel like I can always relate to her writing. 
  4. Dawn - Rhyming With Wine - She never fails to make me smile with her wonderful parenting poems. 
  5. Alana - Burnished Chaos -Her words of wisdom have me inspired every week and I look forward to hearing more from her.

Here are the rules of the award:

  • Thank who nominated you for the award, and leave a link to their blog.
  • Nominate 5 bloggers for the award.
  • Tell the nominees they're nominated and link to their blog. 
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.

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  1. oh thank you so much beautiful. I am so grateful to you and always appreciate your kindness and support xx I can't believe you are allergic to hair dye, you poor thing. And wow you must have an amazing singing voice!!!!

  2. Wow to perform in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber must have been incredible. You must be one very talented lady! Thanks so much for the nomination lovely xx

  3. Ahh thank you so much! I'll try to get this done this week! Ooh I'm so sceptical about hypnotism, how was it?? Xx

  4. Love reading these little known facts about the bloggers who I interact with on a weekly basis!


  5. Oh no, I hope you were not suffering too much when you did your hair. Must have been horrible to find out you are allergic :( x #MMBC

  6. Aww, thank you 😊
    Singing in front of Andrew Lloyd Weber and being hypnotised both sound scary. In fact I think I'd have to be hypnotised to sing in public!

  7. Congratulations on a well deserved award :) I love finding out more about the person behind the blog. Singing in front of Lloyd Weber. Wow! #mg

  8. Fun facts! I've got a double jointed finger too! #mg

  9. I love this tag and your facts are fab because I feel like I know you so much more now. Love that you have been hypnotised and want to hear that story now 🌸 #MG

  10. Kudos and Mzel Tov on this award. I love to read and learn new things about everyone we, well sort of know via the ether! Did the hypnotist and you accomplish something you were trying to do? Did It work? Thanks for sharing this on #globalblogging xoxo

  11. Interesting facts. How come only some of your fingers are double-jointed? #mg

  12. I just loved your post on Body Image, what a great read! Hypothesized... wow... How was that? I'm curious to know! You have to write about it now :) Congrats on your nomination! #globalblogging

  13. Congrats and Mazel Tov on a well earned award! Kvell about it and enjoy! #mg


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