My Little Sous-Chef! Review: Baking Brownies

There’s nothing like some indulging of the taste buds come Christmas is there?! Hands up who’s already eaten their way through several boxes of mince pies, the chocolate in the advent calendar? and the odd pudding after dinner too? Yes it’s well and truly the season of parties and feasting.  

Santa Hat Brownie

Here at our home in the Oxfordshire countryside we've been tickling our taste buds with one of My Little Sous-Chef’s Christmas treats; their wonderful Santa Hat Brownies. These luxurious tasty treats are so soft to the touch and the only crunch can be found in the texture of the rosy red strawberry. 

We started by putting the brownie mix together and popping it in the oven. Then once this was cooled we cut it to size and shape.If you don’t have a cookie cutter than you can always improvise by using the top of a glass.

Whip the cream

Whip up the double cream and put a bit on the top of the brownie before adding a strawberry and a final bit of whipping cream for good measure. 

Three Strawberries in a bowl

Et voila c’est parfait oui?

Santa Brownie Hats

The My Little Sous-Chef Cookbook for Kids and Parents. Christmas Edition is available on Etsy costing £7. So if you are looking to cook with kids this festive season than look no further.

What festive food do you like at Christmas?

Disclosure: We were kindly sent an online pdf copy of the recipe for Santa Brownies as featured in the book for the purpose of this review. All words and pictures included in this post are my own.