Busting Some #FrubesMoves With The Angry Birds

When I was pregnant with my eldest I used to do zumba. I couldn't do it every week as sadly it clashed with my doctors appointments but when I could I would get myself down to the local gym and zumba alongside other mummies and their babies who were yet to be born or had recently been born.  We of course cannot know for certain whether the zumba had an affect on my daughter but one thing is for sure when she hears the slightest bit of music whether that be from an advert or indeed my favourite TV show she is up on her feet and moving and grooving without a care in the world.

Me bouncing on a ball at a zumba class

Now all that energy being released calls for some fuel right? For her this comes in the form of a balanced breakfast and dinner with yoghurt being part of this routine. I'm sure my eldest daughter would love to eat yoghurts all day long if she could but in this house they come with breakfast or as a pudding after dinner. One of her favourite yoghurts is Frubes which come in a variety of delicious flavours including Red Berry, Peach, Banana and her favourite Strawberry. Not only are these delicious but they also contain vitamin D and calcium which enables children to build fit and strong bones. They are also the largest portable yoghurt brand therefore making it ideal to put into lunchboxes.

Busting #FrubesMoves on their site

To celebrate the release of The Angry Birds Movie, Frubes have created a squalksome dance-off between the Angry Birds and the Mischevious Pigs so you can settle the feud once and for all. We took a look at their website here and then did some #FrubesMoves of our own.

My little ones hand reaching for some yoghurt
Yoplait who own Frubes also own Peppa Pig

Did you know that as well as encouraging children to bust out some #FrubesMoves, Frubes also have an egg-citing on-pack promotion which could see you soaring off with your family to the Bahamas? Be quick though these packs are flying off the shelves, with the promotion only available until the 31 October.  

The competition includes a weekly draw to win a whole host of Angry Birds Movie merchandise, with a grand prize of a family holiday for four to spend six nights in the Bahamas! On a cold autumnal day like today I'm sure we’d all love to be sunning ourselves there instead right?

Will you be busting some #FrubesMoves with The Angry Birds or fraternising with the enemy the Mischevious Pigs?

 This post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes 


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