My Monthly List (June)

How can we be on the brink of starting a new month? During May I was able to set out all that I achieved at the beginning of the month and as a result feel great.

My daughter's Bookstart Bear Club pack

·  I weighed my daughter. However, despite having a car seat ready for her to go into she is not yet the right weight for it.  
·  Secondly we visited Forest School as a family and  our daughter thoroughly enjoyed messing about with a metal tub full of water and a stick.
·  We also got to a session of Bear Start Book Club. I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time as she did enjoy looking through books and turning the flaps but she also climbed all over the wooden train and started pulling books off shelves!
·  She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hubby believes in having greens with every meal and even likes to grow his own runner beans in the garden. Our local supermarket also offers free fruit so she gets something to munch on while I shop (tastes better than the plastic seat too!).
·  Last but not least I wanted to organise the kitchen and living roomI've come to realise that this is an ongoing project but attending to them little and often seems to be working wonders. I particularly love Flylady for the weekly schedules they do and encouraging me to keep visuals of how I wish my home to look.

So this month of June I'm really looking forward to more accomplishments.

·  Primarily I’d love to give birth to a beautiful live baby
·  Secondly have everything ready for baby ie. baby bouncer and mattress
·  Following our daughter’s interest in Forest School I thought we’d do the #30DaysWildchallenge.
·  Take my daughter to see a Farm. They are having open days in the area and for a change are inexpensive.

·  Finally, following on from the living room and kitchen makeovers I’d like to sort out the hallway

So June bring it on I'm ready for you. 

What are your plans for the upcoming month?



  1. Well done for May lovely, and good luck for June, fab little list to look forward to. x

  2. Good luck for baby!
    My girls are going to love Forest School when they start nursery in September as they already love being outdoors. Hope you manage your makeovers. Our bathroom is desperately needing revamping. Thanks so much for lunging up again xxx

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. Forest School is great fun and your girls will certainly love it.

  3. Good luck with your baby. I've seen a few people doing the 30 Days Wild, looks like great fun #monthlybucketlist


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