My You've Gotten Bigger

“My you've gotten bigger” announced my grandmother (in law). Of course she was talking about the fact that at 27 weeks my bump was more noticeable than when she last saw us. With winter it is very easy to hide a bump if you are living in baggy jumpers but now with the sun finally coming out and spring bursting forth the maternity wardrobe is on show.

Being only pregnant for a matter of months I'm a firm believer that you don’t need to spend lots. In fact a number of my dresses have been picked up for a few pounds from nearly new sales. These are still in great condition the sellers just wanted to get rid of them.

Baby is still very much a surprise regards their gender and when we've seen pictures of them they appear to always have their little legs crossed. My daughter always liked to play with her toes when the sonographer took photos of her. So we have two very different littlies already in terms of character although both as active it seems.

Gender doesn't matter to our family as during my last pregnancy it was revealed I was Type 2 Diabetic. Therefore, as long as we all remain relatively healthy that’s what matters most to us. My mum is so worried in fact that she has asked me to promise that I have no more than two kids.

With Easter and a wedding abroad it wasn't easy to keep on top of food especially as a fussy eater but back home I've tried to reign in my desire for the sweet stuff and keep a tight control over my meds. I've resorted to putting them in a pretty wash bag that can be easily carried around with me.

Due to the medication I am on I have had to notify the DVLA and as a result have been given a shorter license. This is rather frustrating as I am under the impression that I will only need to take the medication during pregnancy so I wonder whether it is really necessary. I had to take the same things with my last pregnancy but at the time it was questionable as to whether I had gestational diabetes or not.

Still the hospital’s staff knows my history now and are doing all they can to watch over my pregnancy. I just wish that the dispensary would stick to their policy of a 48 hour turn around on medication or less.



  1. aww I had it in pregnancy too. Will you be induced earlier? I had both of mine at 38+1. I can't wait to follow your journey #MaternityMondays

    1. I'm Type 2 Diabetic not gestational. :( Only time will tell, but it could come to that. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Oh it's annoying that you've had to notify the dvla and faff about with all that. Hopefully all will go back to normal soon enough x


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