Csection Awareness Month: My Story

Daddy and Baby Snuggle

Seeing as this month is csection awareness month I thought I’d share with you my story.

When I first fell pregnant the midwife gave me a letter concerning the fact that the hospital didn't like performing caesareans and I happily signed the letter. I dreamt of a natural birth in a warm birthing pool and wrote my birth plan in accordance of this wish.

Fast forward to the day before my daughter’s birth and a meeting was called as to the plan of action they were to take. The hospital staff were aware of the fact I had diabetes now and to add to that I was running a high blood pressure and preeclampsia a month before my daughter’s due date.

As I sat there eating my lunch the hospital staff had kindly put together for me my mind wandered. I didn't like the thought of being cut open and a permanent visible reminder placed upon my stomach but I resigned myself to the fact I believed it could happen and the hospital had our health in the forefront of their mind.

When the doctor returned she told me the results of the meeting and that I was to have the major operation. I was taken downstairs awaiting the birth of my daughter the very next day. I was put on an elective register so if emergencies came in they would take first priority. Hours passed and I made friends with one of the ladies brought into have her son. Funnily one thing that kept me going was wondering what my husband would look like in scrubs.

Just before we went into the room we sat around watching an episode of the Vicar of Dibley with Dawn French in it. You know the one where she has an admirer and falls in to a puddle. It took my mind off things for a while and then a knock on the door and after signing a form I headed down to the theatre.

I nearly paralysed myself when the needle was inserted as I flinched. Sobbing into my pillow I vowed to try and not to do that again. As a student was there they had a rota call of all their names and what they did. We had photos taken and our beautiful baby girl of 4lb 11oz was lifted up for me to reveal the gender. The hospital staff were fantastic as they tried as best they could to follow the rest of the birth plan, which included giving her all the vitamins she needed and her dad cutting the umbilical cord.

Now a family of three and one on the way (I feel like its count down time here) it’s difficult to think of what may have happened if we hadn't had surgery. 

Still the hospital’s staff knows my history now and are doing all they can to watch over my pregnancy. I just wish that the dispensary would stick to their policy of a 48 hour turn around on medication or less.


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  1. I know how you feel I to was looking forward to a water birth but nope ended up having a c-section as little man was 2 weeks over due & my induction went no where! #marvmondays

    1. They must have been very content and comfortable.

  2. 4Ibs, must've been so dinky! Thanks for sharing your story, I had a natural birth with my first and fingers crossed I do with my second but I love reading others stories just in case I do have any issues or a stubborn breech bubba! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. She sure was. Your'e welcome. All I know is that every birth is different. I hope everything works out for you.

  3. aww I had to have one with number 2 and the 'sharp scratch' with the spinal is the biggest lie ever. I actually left the bed and they tried 3 times before it went in. That was the worst bit for me.
    At least if you have to have one this time, you know what to expect. I think it is the not knowing that is scary. Eeeekkkkk I am so broody!! #MaternityMondays

    1. Oh my it seems like you went through a lot. :( I'm kind of tempted to just go with what I had last time due to that very reason.


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