Word of the Week: Emotion

This week it's fair to say that emotions have been running high.

We got caught in the rain on Monday and my daughter decided she wanted my tea and cake. When I called out my daughter's name I suddenly felt a thousand eyes descend on me - oops a bit loud hey?! Queue wanting to hide under the table.

On Wednesday we tried out a new group where we were made to feel welcome and saw many familiar faces from the children's centre events we've attended over the last few months. My daughter heard her first guitar and turned her body to focus on the music that filled the room. The songs we sang were a mixture of nursery rhymes and religious songs. Some of these brought back memories and filled me with emotion. Queue trying to fight back the tears.

Yesterday as you know we took in Thame Country Show. Many visitors to the grounds brought their dogs. One of the most popular breeds is the Golden Retriever and whenever I see one I am reminded of the dogs I used to share my life with. Queue trying to fight back even more tears.

Finally, my daughter met her daddy's dad for the first time. At first she was unsure but soon settled down when she was offered her milk. Here's hoping that they enjoy getting to know one another.

How was your week?
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  1. Lots of emotions this week, and such a mixed bag, too. I hope next week is more of an even keel for you. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Some weeks things just really hit you emotionally, don't they? I am the same some weeks. #WotW


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