What They Don’t Tell You Prior To Your Baby Arriving

When babies are first born they don’t need very much at all and black and white are the only things they can see in. For this reason it’s possible to hold back on many purchases. But in all our excitement it is easy to get caught up in a bubble of elation and wanting things for the little one.

Another of my purchases that I made before my daughter was born was her play gym. This was bought from a car boot sale in the county and continues to entertain her. Although at 6 months she decides to show her hunger by trying to feast on the horse, cow and flowers that hang from the arch above her. These rustle, squeak and ring out their noises. If you place her length ways across the gym so her feet are touching one of the walls she enthusiastically kicks the side enabling the animals to sway back and forth to her amusement. This gender neutral farm yard gym easily reminds me of the favourite song Old MacDonald that I sing with her time and time again.