Full Circle

Standing in a well known pharmacy looking at the things that my daughter uses, I was struck by the presence of a pregnant lady standing next to me with her partner.  They were looking into getting things for their first child and I recalled being in that same position once myself. A lady before me had imparted her knowledge of various products to me and I felt I’d come full circle as we got talking.

She asked me what I would recommend and I said that it was difficult to know what to suggest as every birth is different. I only got the bottles my daughter now uses on a whim literally a few days before her birth. I wasn’t sure that I’d need them but it soon became one of the most important aspects to her feeding. Unable to breast feed these bottles became invaluable.

There was also an offer at the time on the products I got so I opted for paper pants, liners and breast pads. I used the first two but alas the box of breast pads remains unopened.

I was also recommended Lansinoh breast cream but sadly we weren’t able to use that either.

So as regards recommendations I’d opt for liners, throw away pants and bottles. Obviously this is personal choice and some would feel much better with some feel good pants on after the birth of their child/ren and bottles aren’t always used at the beginning of their little ones life. Whatever you choose it’s not easy to be fully prepared for what the future has in hold for you but then don’t forget you can send out other family/friends to get things in for you.