But Mummy and Daddy I Just Want to Sleep on You

Ah the art of sleeping or lack of. When our daughter was born my husband thought she’d sleep straight through from day one. Boy was he in for a shock.

In fact it soon became clear that our daughter was nocturnal so we had to wake her up in the day as much as she woke us up at night.

To begin with she slept in her basket, bouncer and her favourite position of all in the arms of mum and dad.

In fact one night she decided to wake us both up just so that she could sleep in our arms and seemed to laugh at us when we produced a bottle.

Several months in and she moved from basket to cot by putting one inside the other.  Then the basket was removed and she was put into the first of many sleeping bags.  My favourite being a Vertbaudet sleeping bag bought from a popular auctioning site. I usually let her sleep in vest, sleep suit and sleeping bag.  If it’s really warm though I’ll remove the sleeping bag and when it gets really cold I will swap it for one with a higher rating tog.

Now at six months she is unpredictable as to whether she will sleep through or not. We don’t use a black out blind so she knows the difference between night and day. She therefore fights the fact she is tired and needs four naps a day. Learning how to roll has also led her to sleep on her tummy but at least she doesn’t get tied up by the bumper as we don’t use one.  Her bumper and duvet will be introduced to her when she is 2.