Our Spring Activities

April Showers bring may flowers - anon 
Well if April was the month of rain and brought us Easter this year then this month has been a month of wild flowers brought into our play. As a mother it is easy to question do we do enough are others doing more or less? The fact that we worry shows that we care.

Looking back over Spring it is clear to me that we have packed a lot in and continue to do so. When I haven't laid on any activities for them they come up with their own play and in doing so use their imaginations.Here is a look back at those activities we have done this month.

Building a Nest

We have delighted in trying to build our own birds nest using things I found on a walk close to where we live. While Easter eggs and our Christmas birds added to the look.

Playing with Wild Flowers

Following my walk it wasn't long before I took the girls out on the same walk and we filled a basket full of dandelions. These lovely vibrant yellow flowers added to our play in several ways. For we used them to count with alongside our Eric Carle cards, thread them through a sieve and even practiced our hand eye coordination. We even froze some of the dandelions over night. These frozen cubes were lovely to play with in the garden and I encouraged my eldest to be curious about the world she lives in by asking her questions such as why is it melting? which she was able to give an answer to.

Finger Painting

Something that needs little guidance and wet wipes at the ready is mark making. We've had fun using our fingers to create creatures like insects in our Usborne book.  

Reading About Spring

Of course our play would not be complete without books involving nature. From reading Guess How Much I Love You in the Spring to Usborne's the Garden and more. There is so much information packed into these story books and so many ways to play bursting forth from them. We've recreated the farm that the ladybird in What the Ladybird Heard lived on, viewed the Bad Tempered Ladybird on Youtube which would be great to introduce time and The Hungry Caterpillar familiarises the children with the days of the week as well as the natural life cycle.

Sink Play

Talking of days of the week there is a group on instagram which encourages water play called sinkplayfriday. Of course I have had to incorporate this in our play and my youngest daughter is determined to introduce her ducks to any water playing she's involved with.

Frogs and Phonics

I had considered swapping out the ducks for frogs but we have fewer than the five needed for a certain nursery rhyme. Still we can address the frog through other play such as reading, making words with our Orchard Toys phonics kit, playing word pool and sequencing.

Magnet play

Magnets have come in handy in shadow matching and the first letter phonics.


Focusing our play around certain creatures we naturally see in spring has led to yoga sessions being incorporated and Dr Seuss stories. We've also watched some episodes of Super Simple Play which is perfect for preschool early years learning.

How do you play in May?