Week 5 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This week has held a few surprises in store for us. From a family member turning up and having lunch with them to the snow falling and building a snow creature as a result.  In these winter conditions we are reminded to slow down, wrap up warm and enjoy our time together.

Week 5 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

26/365 - 26th January 
The girls received presents of a coat and cardigan with trousers from their Grandfather who lives in France. Eldest found my hair glasses that got stuck in her hair!

27/365 - 27th January
We met up with family for Sunday Dinner and youngest fell asleep in the car wearing her great grandmothers beret

28/365 - 28th January
The girls have been looking at insects this week at preschool so I decided to put a few extra activities on their art cart

29/365 - 29th January
We found some daisies in the garden and pressed them in our flower press.

Week 5 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

30/365 - 30th January
We used the flowers to create a card

31/365 - 31st January
We have upgraded to a Kallax unit for our shoes and I've used the old unit for their activities on insects as the art cart hadn't been touched!

32/365 - 1st February
It snowed over night. Can we go over it? Can we go under it? No we have to go through it!

Project 365


  1. You always do so much with your girls. We need to get more storage although tge OH woukd say weneed to juat throw everything out

    1. I try to but I sometimes feel I don't do enough - mum guilt. I get the whole storage thing and I too have a loved one (my mother) who thinks we ought to just get rid!

  2. Fab photos! I love the sunglasses. hehehe You seem to have had way more snow than we did here. x

  3. Love the new coat and the fun in the snow. I'm amazed that you found daisies at this time of year!

  4. Oh I use to have a flower press as a little girl! I really like the new storage, shoes are an issue in our house and we could do with something too although Ive no idea what. Looks like you got a reasonable amount of snow to have fun in x

  5. love how you have stuff to hand at home to enhance what they have learnt at preschool
    Love the beret picture.
    The buggy is difficult to push in snow and ice.

  6. Lovely to see the snow pictures, we just had rain here in Dubai. Great to meet up with family.

  7. love the sleeping photo with the beret, very cute. Can't beat an adventure in the snow #365

  8. Looks like a busy week, you definitely got more snow than we did, my daughter always used to wear her grandmothers beret!

  9. Such a cute photo of your sleeping youngest. I bet the beret added to her cosiness. Insect study is one of my favourites. Not so many around at the moment, but still some easy to find. Hope they are enjoying it. #MMBC

  10. You always do so much with your girls. I love that photo of your little one sleeping. I tend to throw a lot out probably too much xx

  11. Oh you got quite a bit of snow too! I seem to be one of the few that escaped it!

  12. I wonder how many daisies survived the snow! #project365


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