My Christmas Wish List #Blogmas 2018

As we grow what is written on our Christmas wish list undoubtedly changes. Where once we may have put the names of things we'd seen adverts for these things could easily be replaced with things far more valuable like good health and more time with loved ones. Things we really didn't think too much about as a child. So my wish list this year is reflective of things that are meaningful to me.

My Christmas Wish List

A Calendar or Photobook

I shall start with a calendar or photobook that is made up of photos that have been taken over the year. . It has dawned on me that we have very few photos of the family on the walls with more being shared online than printed out and displayed. I'd like to change that and make our house even more our home.

Course in Photography

Of course having photos is one thing but a course in photography would greatly enhance my knowledge and improve my photography. I studied photography in the first year of University but wanted to do things with photoshop before I'd even mastered the basics of photography So next on my wish list would be a course that did just that and I'm sure I have two little willing volunteers to help me improve and practice. My eldest even has her own little camera so we could learn together.

Handmade Things From My Children

To add to this I would happily receive handmade things from my children. Something usable with their finger prints on it such as a mug, plate or piece of jewelery. A product that every time you look at it it transports you back to when they were little.

Warm Clothing

In the Winter I particularly feel the cold. We are an outdoorsy family so get out whatever the weather.  I recently discovered some fleece lined tights and leggings in Home Barains and am keen to get more. I also love cosy socks and warm jumpers and ear muffs that cover my ears and relieve me from the pain of the cold wind.

Imperial Leather Body Wash

Of course being outdoors can lead to getting mucky and so a lovely warm shower is called for. My favourite product to clean with is Imperial Leather Foamburst Marshmallow. The way it foams up in your hand as it squirts out is delightful.

Watching The Greatest Showman

This Christmas I hope to get around to watching The Greatest Showman I know I'm late to the party but better late than never right?

Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

Talking of watching things on the tv screen this festive season. I love settling down to watch Kirstie's Handmade Christmas and being inspired by the delightful creations others have made. I have already considered using the remainder of my snow spray on the windows and those magical fairy wands were really beautiful. So I'd be very happy to receive a creative crafting kit.

Colouring Books

One thing the girls and I love to do together is colouring in. I've got a few colouring books as have my daughters but if we ever run out I'd be happy to add to the collection.

Books by Michael Morpurgo

Finally I love to curl up with a good book at the end of the night and read. This year I have a couple of Michael Morpurgo (my favourite author) books to read.

So there we have it my Christmas wish list on display for all to see. Where once I asked for a lava lamp and giant trampoline I now wish for health, happiness and wonderful memorable moments.

What do you wish for this Christmas?

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  1. Aww! What lovely wishes!
    Handmade gifts are always so special!
    Eesh! You need to watch The Greatest Showman! It is a fab film. x

  2. Some lovely wishes! I haven't seen the Greatest Showman yet either! Thanks for joining us for #Blogmas18


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