How to Survive Christmas with Kids #Blogmas

Every day of December I will be joining in with Blogmas with prompts set by Naomi over at Me Becoming Mum. When I have finished I aim to make it into a December Daily full of memories and love. Something that I will enjoy creating and perhaps a kind of heir loom in the making. Today's prompt is 'how to survive Christmas with kids'.

How to Survive Christmas with Kids

This Christmas it could be all too easy to lose ourselves in the upset that we face as we've lost one member of the family. Instead the girls have been a distraction from the sadness that we have all faced and brought joy and amusement where it is greatly needed. They remind you what it is to live mindfully and realise that not all moments are sad.

How to Survive Christmas with Kids

Each moment of the day there is a lesson to be learnt and something new to experience or be it from a different angle. I realised recently that this will be the first Christmas my youngest will be able to open her own presents as she opened all her cards from preschool once we got home. Sadly she then went on to try and eat her sisters and tear them up! Always learning what they can and can't do!

This year her sister helped in decorating the Christmas tree too. Often my inner perfectionist is unleashed in my creative endeavours and I find myself wanting to pull off perfect picturesque social media creations but it is so much more fun to let your loved ones in and help each other out even if you feel you need to tweak afterwards. Letting them feel the tree and the decorations is all part of them making memories and if they pull off a decoration it can be popped right back on again. There's only one glass bauble which was originally thought to be plastic.

How to Survive Christmas with Kids

So my top tip for surviving Christmas with the kids is to go with the flow, let go of perfectionism and work out what Christmas looks like to you never mind what's in the glossy magazines. Furthermore make sure everyone is warm, dry, fed, watered and entertained and it will fly by.

How do you entertain your kids over Christmas?

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