DIY Gift Wrapping #Blogmas

Every day of December I will be joining in with Blogmas with prompts set by Naomi over at Me Becoming Mum. When I have finished I aim to make it into a December Daily full of memories and love. Something that I will enjoy creating and perhaps a kind of heir loom in the making. Today's prompt is Christmas gift wrapping. 

This year the only wrapped gifts will be my daughters. I picked up this lovely wrapping paper from a supermarket and think they will go well with the pink Santa sacks that they have. There's also a theme going on here. For these presents I have kept it really simple and the only things I've required are scissors, wrapping paper and cellotape. 

Once I have gathered my supplies and the product I am to wrap I try to work out how much of the wrapping paper I need by turning the product over and cut to size. I cut three pieces of cellotape and fold the sides of the wrapping paper to meet in the centre. I then fold in both sides creating triangles and then fold the top over. I then stick the sides in place. There you have it so simple right? Of course if you want perfectly cut wrap I would suggest picking up wrapping paper that has a grid inside. you could also use double sided tape if you think cellotape is unsightly. An ironing board can also help greatly with wrapping as well as your posture.

Every year I like to collect a range of decorative pieces and give them a new lease of life. You can pick up a myriad of festive items from all sorts of shops, auctions and carboot sales. In the past I've picked up ribbons, wrapping paper and hamper baskets from charity shops and colourful ribbon from auctions. I've also spotted people selling punches and stamps for sale on their carboot sale stand.

Of course you could make your own decorations such as these handmade air dry clay pieces which could also double as tags. I have a gift wrapping station which is an area I rely upon to deal with all the decorating and for last minute making a card supplies.

How do you like to wrap your gifts?