Christmas Through The Years #Blogmas 2018

Over the years it is inevitable that the way in which you celebrate Christmas will change. I know it has changed for me and will continue to do so. From playing a musical instrument with friends in front of our parents to visiting Father Christmas on Christmas Day these are all ways I've spent Christmas in the past.

Christmas Through The Years

The most memorable Christmas I've had have been those surrounded by friends and family. We'd often spend time with immediate family in the morning and head out to friends in the evening.

It was the evening of Christmas Day and just as Father Christmas was about to retire to bed after a busy time delivering presents he had one sack of gifts left on his sleigh. This sack was to be delivered to family and friends at a cottage in the village where I used to live. It was tradition to go and visit the family and see Santa. I can recall one year that we stood in the garden looking up at the night sky and focused our attention on a particular moving light that flashed as it was flying past us. That focal point we imagined was Father Christmas and his reindeer lighting up the night sky. Then as if by magic the big man in red appeared on the scaffolding attached to the cottage before reappearing indoors by the fireplace. He was dressed in red, with a big white fluffy beard and by his feet was a big black bulging sack of presents for all of us. We sang to him songs such as 'When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney' and 'Jingle Bells'. As we grew the tradition still took place but moved to different destinations. Thankfully Santa knew where we were and he was played by different people including my father. As a teenager I'd probably think he was soooo embarassing but although I felt this to some extent my feelings were more in line with thinking how magical it still was.

Christmas Through The Years

Having children of my own I want to make Christmas a magical time for them too. I recall studying the magazines on babies and reading up on all the different ways people go about advent, elf on the shelf, Christmas Eve and more and feeling that I needed to do all the things mentioned. What I realised though was everyone celebrates in their unique way and you should do what feels right for your family. By all means try things out in the beginning but work out what works and what doesn't. Do not over complicate things and do what you enjoy and find magical.

Now I'd love to hear from you. What are your memories of Christmas past?

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