How to Decorate a Munchkin

Whether you are decorating for the season or intend to celebrate Halloween. These little munchkins are sure to bring delight to the home and can be decorated in whatever way you personally like. 
How to Decorate a Munchkin

Have you ever gone into a shop and thought I'd like to try my hand at recreating that or I wonder where they got it in the first place? This was the case not so long ago as I walked into a charity shop and admired their seasonal display. As I couldn't work out either I asked hubby to help me solve the mystery and he came back home after work with two munckins.

How to Decorate a Munchkin

To Decorate Your Own Munchkins You Will Need:

  • Munchkins
  • White Paint and gold (I used acrylic) 
  • Paintbrush
  • Hair Dryer (optional)
  • Pencil
  • Permanent Pens in gold, blue and silver

How to Decorate a Munchkin

Now for the Fun Part

I set to work painting them both in acrylic white paint and drying them with a hair dryer. I'm unsure whether this has an affect on the munchkin but it does speed up the drying process. Depending on whether or not you want the orange shining through depends on how many paint layers you put on. I opted for two layers of white paint and left to dry again. I also decided to paint the stork gold as well as the bottom bit.  I then took a pencil and drew on the design I liked. I saw a similar design on Monica Wants It blog and decided to emulate it. Once happy with the design I then coloured the munchkin in with sharpie pens and used a gold sharpie pen to go over some of the bits around the stork and the other side of the munchkin. Et voilĂ  one finished munchkin.

Have you ever decorated a munchkin or pumpkin? How did you decorate yours?

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  1. Very pretty - I like the little pumpkins to be white and the blue stands out beautifully. #MMBC

  2. I saw some of these in the supermarket the other day and wondered what to do with them - this obviously! #kidsandkreativity

  3. They’re really cute, both with and without paint! :-)

  4. They look so effective! I have only ever carved pumpkins, not thought about decorating them before! Thanks for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time.


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