Time to Play {The Ordinary Moments}

This year I have decided to join Donna who blogs at What the Redhead Said and her wonderful linky 'The Ordinary Moments'. It's a lovely way in which to capture the everyday simple activities that our children get up to and observe just how much they grow over time. This week I took the camera with us and captured the girls having fun together at the park.

I'm sure there isn't a child that hasn't been to the park at least once during their childhood right?. It is one place that my girls love going to and on occasion have even asked to be taken there. For a long time eldest would go on everything in the park but the seesaw. This soon changed when her sister started toddling around and it became one extra thing they could go on. As you can see they thoroughly enjoy playing on it together despite the cold weather. 

The playground is great but it's even better with two.

The Ordinary Moments


  1. We love a trip to the park, it’s always something my girls love to do and go together x

  2. I was looking at some old photos of J down the park and it's something we haven't done for a while - I think we'll start it up again soon #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. Oh we absolutely love a trip to the park. It's such simple fun and the kids always have a great time. BEAUTIFUL photos! x

  4. The park is a childhood must isn't it? Especially with others to play too! #TheOrdinaryMoments


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