Review: Super Squish: A Reusable, Rocket Food Pouch

Our youngest has been sniffing out food since she was born. In fact when she was just a few days old I'm sure she’d have had mum go without hers so that she could eat her milk or indeed mummy’s hospital meal! So when Christmas rolled around she was in for a pleasant surprise.

Super Squish pouches

She began trying out all the fruit and veg the world has to offer and we've learnt unlike her big sister, our youngest always wants more. Of course her sister thinks it is great that they both eat vegetables and has even tried to help with proceedings. In the past the eldest has tried offering her little sister raisins and cow’s milk! obviously vegetables and fruit are more favoured by baby and her parents though. So this Christmas we started trying out peas, carrots and potatoes not quite the full Christmas dinner but getting there.

Now when we are out and about baby can join in mealtimes too. This is made even easier by Super Squish  who create reusable food pouches.  These can be used for home-made puréed meals enabling you peace of mind as you know exactly what is passing the baby's lips. Healthy, nutritious meals for the littlies don't need to be expensive either and this is a great way to help save those pennies.

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  1. I used some reusuable pouches when weaning my youngest and they were fab. I even froze smoothies in them to take out for both my children on summer days and they loved them!

    1. That sounds like a great idea. Do you have any recipes you recommend?

  2. Clever product which I would use if I had little ones

  3. What a fab idea, we spend so much money on pouches - these would be super useful. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x


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