Me and Mine: June 2016

Daddy is now well and truly outnumbered by females in the house but he’s very content and proud to be a father of two under two.

I too am feeling very happy about having two gorgeous girls and a loving hubby who appears to me to have everything under control even though he begs to differ.  I still remember how he walked out of hospital with our first born mobile phone in one hand, car seat with our daughter in the other. He carried our second daughter out to the car in much the same fashion.  

Just before going into hospital I decided to put some of my club card vouchers to good use and spent £0 on a brand new mattress for our daughter that only took a day to arrive and a new book ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ by Sarah Turner for myself to read in hospital.

I also got a bouncer for the little one off a local seller who listed it on a Facebook group. Since discovering it at my mother’s the eldest keeps trying to sit in it though!

June has also seen my blog focus loosely on the #30DaysWild campaign which has been a joy to participate in. It’s made me more aware of nature even if we've not travelled very far and I'm looking forward to reading how others spent the month connecting with nature.

Talking of getting outside I also mentioned that I’d like to visit a farm.  I was soon dissuaded from attending The Open Farm Days near us as I’d heard people had lost babies following their visits. I'm sure in future years though we will visit and perhaps the girls will understand things more.

Another thing we have yet to do is sort out the hallway. Oh well we will get there one day.

How has June treated you?

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  1. Congratulations on your latest addition! I had two little girls under two not so long ago! It is such a lovely little set up! Enjoy! We have a little boy in the mix now too! All adds to the madness! I had three under 4 at one point!

    1. Thank you. I'm getting well acquainted with madness ;)

  2. Congratulations on your new baby girl and what a gorgeous photo of the four of you together! :-)

  3. ARGHH what an amazing month for you guys. Congrats!! We outnumber boys in our house too - sorry Daddy!


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