Five on Friday: Noticing Nature

This month I am joining forces with the #30DaysWild campaign connecting with nature and learning about the wonderful world in which we live.

As we've been connecting with wildlife over the days in June we have become increasingly aware of things all around us. We stopped off at the supermarket yesterday only to be greeted by ducks that had wandered into the car park and flowers that were growing by the side of a wall clearly planted by a passing bird as opposed to a human.

Wild Flowers Grow

Our Daughter decided to panic us all on Monday by sliding through some patio doors in the hospital and wandered around the garden in the middle of the building. Usually we are so consumed by our appointments there that we don't notice this delightful oasis but she clearly had noticed it and was very keen on exploring.


Another thing that she noticed while on a shopping trip with Daddy was a grow your own Sunflowers package. They planted the seeds together early in the week and we are all looking forward to seeing them grow.

Mud and Mess

As the activity was over really quickly I thought she may like to try making her own Butterfly Cafe too using the 'Go Outdoors' section of June's Mother&Baby I'd noticed. She thoroughly enjoyed this too and got thoroughly mucky in the process.

Owls on Webcam

Finally, one of the activities we noticed on the poster we were kindly sent by The Wildlife Trusts suggested looking at a webcam. We were all so in awe of this mother and her baby owls that we then tweeted it.

What have you done this week to connect with wildlife?