Subtle but Significant Signs in my Pregnancy

Apart from the obvious noticeable appearance of a baby bump, there are many subtle changes that happen to your body over the course of pregnancy.

One of the things I noticed when being pregnant with my eldest daughter was a heightened awareness of smell. Mother and Baby puts this down to an increasing amount of plasma volume (blood flow) in your body. 

Then the arrival of visible stretch marks occurred mainly across my chest but a few popped up over my hips too.  Despite buying lotions and potions these as the NHS reflect here are lasting reminders.

I also started to crave chicken nuggets. I've no idea where that one came from.  However, when I craved ginger biscuits shortly after pregnancy it may have meant I’d have otherwise felt sick. Whatever you crave though, as Netmums reflects it is still very important to stay healthy.

My eyesight also changed during pregnancy. In fact according to a recent poll carried out by Vision Direct and Mumsnet it isn't uncommon.

As my pregnancy approached the third trimester and my doctor saw me I was diagnosed as diabetic. While my blood pressure rocketed and high protein levels were discovered. I was kept a close eye on throughout the last trimester. Just in case I developed Pre-eclampsia.